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Content Marketing Strategy

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Why Content Marketing?

Today’s consumer is online 24/7 and is consuming content at a rapid pace. not only that, but growing demographic diversity, increasing use of interactive technology and the changing media consumption habits have altered how consumer get information and how they perceive branded commercials and communications. To persuade potential buyers to part with their personal information, you have to give them something valuable in return. That’s where content marketing comes in.

So what is content marketing? Simply, content marketing is focused on creating and distributing relevant content that would attract and retain the customer.

Content Marketing Services

Content Development

We believe content isn’t a commodity that can be ordered by the title. Great content should have a significant impact on your brand’s SEO and inbound lead generation.  Each content is developed specially for you.

Editorial Strategy

Develop a planned publishing schedule to manage all of your content assets.  A content editorial calendar keeps content development, publishing and distribution on track

Content distribution

If your target audience doesn’t see your content did it ever exist. Content strategy and content distribution are the other two essential parts of the content marketing process

The Power Of Content

Producing engaging content and doing it consistently are always the top two challenges facing marketers. To engage the customer, brands need to provide content that is:

The people who read your posts, newsletter, blogs or watch your videos must get something worthwhile out of it. They should come away feeling like they’ve learned something new or that they’ve been entertained in a way that resonates with their lives and values.
Your content must address consumers’ wants, needs, and interests and  be that trusted expert they can turn to for answers.
Effective content, delivered over a period of time, makes you instantly recognizable. So the look, feel, tone, and writing style and the type of content should speak with the same voice that helps consumers get familiar with your organization.

Why Choose Us

At Inbound Heart We’ll help you plan, write, publish, and distribute high-quality content that attracts and educates your buyers and generates leads. The content will be created to be in sync with the business objectives and the process. This can include eBooks, infographics, checklists, webinars, reports, videos, and more depending on your audience. Apart from planning and content development, we will also work on the implementation of the distribution channels for your content as well as monitor and report back the results.

Facts About Content Marketing

Companies that blog 15 or more times a month get 5x more traffic than those that don’t. 
Companies that increase their monthly blog post count from 5 to 8x per month double their lead generation. 
If you care about traffic and leads, you need to care about blogging and content creation