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Are you thinking of leveraging Social Media for Your New Startup?

Are you thinking of leveraging Social Media for Your New Startup?

You have a new startup (yay!!) and you are all pumped up about promoting it. Joining the ever-growing social media bandwagon seems to the next logical step to promote your business and get those sales pumping. In fact, you can say that social media is like an elixir for startup businesses. Well, we admit that the potential of social media is endless, given the enormous exposure that you may get for your products, services or ideas. But wait! There is much more to social media than some random posts and comments. If you don’t want the oh-so-sweet social media to take a toll on your resources without delivering the desired results, there are certain things which you must take care of.

 1.Are you committed?

It is true that a number of promotional features on social media come for free, but is it really free? It may not have cost money, but you need to invest your time to promote your business across social media channels. Since you are still building a brand substantial time commitment is necessary, if you want people to really notice your brand. Do not get started if you cannot commit the requisite amount of time.

 2. Your Idea: First Priority

Since you are just getting started with your business, let us ask you one simple question. What is your first priority? Obviously, the answer is not social media. Your first priority is to launch your idea. So, you must first invest time on launching your big idea and not get distracted by social media. Or if you have the financial resources to hire an efficient agency to manage your social media activities, it would be advisable to go for one.

 3. Sharing is good

Now, the question is, sharing what? While you can share posts about the product, price, promotion, competition etc; what will set you apart is knowledge. If you can share knowledge about your industry through published contents, it goes a long way in helping you establish yourself as a professional in that particular domain. And this is where blogging become an essential tool that can potentially establish yourself as a leader in your industry. So, before directing your attention towards social media, concentrate on blogging. To reap the maximum benefits, make your content shareable across all viable platforms including social media.

 Next Step: Onward with social media

 4. One to start with

Start off with a single social networking platform to ensure focus on potential consumers. Study the target market for your products, services or ideas and understand which social media are the most frequented. For instance, business professionals are popularly hooked to LinkedIn while young college goers love to connect on Facebook. So, think about it and choose accordingly.

 5. A strategy at hand

Do not use social media channel at random- it might not give you the desired results. Develop a strategy prior to creating your social media channel so that you have a definite route to follow and you know where you are going. Just a minute – is your editorial calendar ready? If not, prepare one now to ensure regular postings. There is nothing worse than sporadic posts. With the help of the editorial calendar, plan and execute systematically. Remember when its business, time is money!

 6. Always on

When you start off with social media campaigns, make an effort to be consistent with your activities. Be always there so that your market knows that you are ready to help them out. Re-evaluate your strategy periodically and analyze the results to decide your next step and whether any alteration is needed.

Hope you found this post useful. Feel free to share your thoughts!

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