Why content marketing and the 3 stages of funnel

Why Content Marketing 2017: What it takes to be at the Top?

Why Content Marketing 2017: What it takes to be at the Top?

It takes a lot to achieve victory through content marketing strategy. The arena is huge and so is the investment. Endowing time to create some high-quality content to distributing it on the right platforms, and then finally to promoting the stuff rightly is what it takes to attain success in this league.

What we discovered in the past couple of years is that everyone is hopping on to Content marketing. And, why not, when you get potential customers and uncountable profits, why would anyone step back from the competition? But, what matters here is to be unique with your strategy.

So, if you are on the similar track to market your content (and want to move ahead in this direction seriously), planning everything from the very first stage of marketing is important. And, yes, you might even have to answer all the questions of the customers, which most of the marketers avoid answering these days.

The Value of content marketing has accelerated in the past couple of years.

So, let’s understand how Content Marketing is going to perform in your journey of success!

  1. Know your customers

How they purchase your products and services? By this, we mean what is their thought process when they are reaching you. Understand the main reason or the problem why they are reaching you. You need to focus on their problems rather than your product. Plus, are they actually satisfied with what you are offering them or they expect something else from you. So, know your targeted customers before anything.

  1. Integrate content to your sales funnel

Starting from the top of the funnel and reaching the bottom successfully is what will generate sales and revenue to your business.

So, as you have decided to be one of the top content marketers, you should start with understanding the buying and sales funnels. And, here is what it looks like:

Here, you will get to know these 3 stages of funnels, which are:

  • Understanding Stage: ToFo (Top of Funnel)

In this stage, customers are discovering about you and your services through various ways, which are Social Media, blog posts, and search engines. Your responsibility is here to create awareness among people about who you are, what you do, and everything else that get them closer to you. The problems that we talked about in step 1 are to be answered or solved here in this step.

In short, now is the time to offer a perfect solution to the problem your customers are facing.

  • Educate them Stage: MoFo (Middle of Funnel)

Now is the time to take them on a product/service expedition, which will move them from the understanding stage to actually thinking to buy your products. Here you talk about how your products worked in the past. Plus, you must be making your customers understand why your product and service is the best thing for them.

  • DecisionStage: BoFo (Bottom of Funnel)

Create some impeccable content that attracts them to your offerings. Accelerate the sales cycle and motivate every one of them to buy the product. By this time, they already have decided to reach you for your services; all you need to do is push them over a line to ensure that they actually buy.

So, this is how you become a content marketing pro. Take your time, understand your consumer, and then build a content strategy that can accelerate the number of patrons you have by your side right now.

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