We get it. You have been able to manage to sell your products and services online so far and probably have Facebook and Instagram shops active as well. So you might be thinking about why having an effective website is relevant for you. But, and it’s a big but, every business needs a professional website. It’s not an expensive luxury or a frivolous endeavor but a fundamental tool that every company needs.

Here are 8 reason why

  1. Having a website makes you look professional and increases trust. Most people don’t trust a business without a good website. A clean, modern page that is regularly updated and pops up in search engines is an instant credibility boost.
  2. Your website is the anchor for your marketing. Your marketing efforts begin and end with your website. It’s the place where you centralize all of your business information and marketing messages.
  3. This is your own digital tool. Off all the other digital channels you use ( social/ google etc), your website is the only asset that you really own and control. With the other social media channels, you do not control the way the algorithm works or how your content will be prioritized. You don’t have to follow the constantly updated rules of social platforms.
  4. It’s an essential part of the consumer journey. An effective website is where you want your audience from different channels to end up. It’s on the website that you’ll inspire action from your potential clients.
  5. You can sell online via your website. Ecommerce sales are exploding and are projected to hit over $5.4 trillion in 2022. To scale your online business you will need.
  6. Website allows you to interact with your consumer, even if its post business hours.
  7. Once you’re online and have an SEO-optimized website, you have a chance of showing up in Google search results, thereby gaining leads and sales via organic traffic.
  8. Potential customers can learn more about your business. Around 90% of website visitors first look for a company’s products/service page. Other sections of the site are then browsed.

Customers are online, your competitors are online, and if you’re not there to intervene, your competitors and your customers will connect, leaving your business behind. So build your website to improve lead generation, visibility, social proof, and authority for your business.

Still not sure where to start? Contact us our team today. We have several cost effective solutions for website build.