Contrary to most common beliefs- Facebook is not dead. The Latest figures from global data show that Facebook is the 3rd most visited website in the world and it’s the #1 world’s most used social platform. Facebook also has 2.91 Billion active users on a monthly basis and in the UAE, Facebook’s eligible reach is 82.4%. ( Source: Global Reports on Digital Trends Jan 2022).

 Facebook has been continuously evolving and changing and the average organic Facebook Page post sees just 0.07% engagement. In order to get your brand up ahead and in front of your audience- you need to understand how the Facebook algorithm works.

So what is Facebook Algorithm?

Simply put, Facebook’s algorithm is the engine behind the scenes that determines your feed. Instead of presenting posts in chronological order, the Facebook algorithm evaluates every post to see if it’s of the user’s interest, scores it according to major ranking signals, and arranges it in descending order of interest. The more engaging posts get pushed higher on your news feed.

Currently the algorithm works of 3 key signals.

  1. Where the post come from or who posted it : You are most likely to see posts from sources you have interacted with such as friends, family, business.
  2. The type of content: Based on what you have interacted with in past- videos, images, reels, stories.
  3. Interactions with the post: Feed will prioritize posts that gained a lot of engagement, especially from people you have interacted with a lot.

In order to get the best out of Facebook for your brand you need to remember these 5 points

  1. Know what your audience wants to see and keep your posts meaningful and informative.
  2. Make sure your content is genuine  and authentic.
  3. Engage with your audience and make sure you are responding to the comments.
  4. Use all the features of Facebook, specially the newly launched reels, but don’t forget stories.
  5. Lastly, don’t forget the humble status post. The status post ( with no images) actually gets the highest engagement at0.13%. Photo posts are next at 0.11%, then videos at 0.08%, and finally link posts at 0.03%.

The final step of the Facebook newsfeed algorithm is to find a sweet spot between different types and sources of the post so as to make an exciting news feed for every user to scroll through and spend as much as possible.

If keeping up with the latest Facebook algorithm updates is still over your head, try to focus on getting to know your target audience as best you can. Then, if you create content in line with the audience and they react to it enthusiastically, you’ll quickly notice that the Facebook algorithm will actually work for your brand.

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