In this age of multiple digital/social platforms is easy to think that email marketing is dead, or dying. Nothing could be further from the truth. Email Marketing is a pillar of Inbound Marketing. And we?ll work with you to find new and innovative ways to grow your opt-in subscriber list, through your website, social media profiles and through your other automated marketing activities. So while email marketing is one of the best and effective ways to connect with prospects and customers to generate leads and build relationships, it is getting harder to do well as consumers are demanding more customized email experience. Building a robust email marketing strategy leads to enhanced trust in the brand, improve brand reputation and much more. Effective email marketing strategy strongly helps in creating long-term relationships with customers as receiving regular appealing, informative emails help them keep connected to your brand.


Email marketing is a proven content marketing strategy for increasing brand awareness, growing website traffic, generating leads and promoting products and services. It can be personalized and targeted, unlike other marketing channels, even to an individual user level. When done right, email marketing campaigns are simple, efficient, cost-effective, and read by relevant eyes.


Emai Management & Optimization

Email management starts with evaluations of the historical email campaigns and your objectives, and then create a roadmap that will help in customizing relevant brand-related contents into series of emails to ensure proper reach and higher impact of your brand marketing message. Once the strategy is established an ongoing optimization began based on responses and open rate.

Email marketing campaigns

We will help you develop an end-to-end email marketing campaign, which involves a) List building and segmentation (Per target segment and product category), b) Develop contents for series of customized emails per segment to be communicated on a regular basis, c) A/B testing of email creative/subject line to ensure the best results and d) analyses of the campaign data and optimization.

Re-targeting email marketing

Re-marketing one of the most effective ways to generate more leads and sales. Based on the business analysis and customers? behaviour and their journey on the brand website and data from previous emails, a re-targeting campaign with series of emails will be developed and scheduled to leverage all these data and enhance purchase intent, upselling of current customers, or cross-selling.


You have a revenue goal. We have a map for that. At Inbound Heart we take email marketing very seriously, helping our client to personalize and target all communications to the right audience, unlike other marketing channels where targeting can be a little bit broader. We dig into your customer database, do the proper segmentation and set the proper strategy for each client. We work very closely with our client to spread the relevant content to your customers and prospects.


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